Artist Statement #2 Published

Cover Image © Charlie Wayne, “Marylin, excl VAT” (2017)

The Artist Statement Book Series by CICA Museum features artist’s statements of visual artists from around the world.

Editor-in-chief/Art Director: Leejin Kim

Editors: In Hye Seo, Heewon Bae

Featured Artists:

Ran Bensimon
Milt Connors
Julia DePinto
Nicole Foran
Cari Freno
Jill Gewirtz
Ronald Gonzalez
Hyun Hong
Susan Harmon
Patti Jordan
Heesoo Kwon
Miyung Kim
Nicole Lenzi
Hey Sun Lee
Shanna Merola
Eric Millikin
Vittorio Ottaviani
Charlotte Ryan
You Me Oh
Megan Solis
Ajuan Song
Tam Ying-Ying
Wladimir Vaz
Charlie Wayne
Jing Xu
April Bohm Yang



Now available via Amazon Kindle:

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The printed version (in black and white) will be released in mid-October.