Dissertation Project (2013)

Analysis and Construction of Engaging Facial Forms and Expressions

The face is a crucial attribute in our communication with others. Using facial expressions, people share their emotions, display empathy, and relay interest with each other. The topic of this dissertation is the anatomical, psychological, and cultural examination of a human face in order to effectively construct an anatomy-driven 3D virtual face customization and action model. In order to gain a broad perspective of all aspects of a face, theories and methodology from the fields of art, engineering, anatomy, psychology, and cultural studies have been analyzed and implemented. The computer generated facial customization and action model were designed based on the collected data. Using this customization system, culturally-specific attractive face in Korean popular culture, “kot-mi-nam (flower-like beautiful guy),” was modeled and analyzed as a case study. The “kot-mi-nam” phenomenon is overviewed in textual, visual, and contextual aspects, which reveals the gender- and sexuality-fluidity of its masculinity. The analysis and the actual development of the model organically co-construct each other requiring a interwoven process.

3D Face SSS Rendering – Jan 2, 2013

3D Face SSS Rendering II – March 31, 2013

Physical simulation of facial expressions – June 2013