The project Hello World aims to bridge the gap between the virtual computer graphics environment and real space enabling the real-time interaction between the virtual character and the human. Computer graphics technologies and the development of sensors have expanded the possibilities of the interaction between the human and the virtual world. Free from the confining computer screen, keyboard, and mouse, the project tries to expand the accessibility of the virtual world and the character. The virtual world and the real world are merged into one world interacting in the same extended landscape. The virtual man H2 symbolizes the virtual world that simulates the forms and physics of the real world using mathematics. H2 does not have a tangible body – only his simulated mask and the costume are attached to him.

Hello World explores the technique of real-time motion tracking using a Kinect camera. The virtual character H2 projected on to the wall follows the movement of the viewer in the gallery space. When the viewer takes a default pose, H2 starts motion-capturing the viewer in real-time. Physics effects have been added to the small spheres that are constantly emitted from H2’s left hand and the falling flower leaves in the background, enabling live interaction between the objects and the character.

Technical Statement

A Kinect camera is installed and directed at the viewer to sense the movement of the viewer without the need to attach any other device. OpenNI, an open-source driver software, has been used to connect a Kinect camera to a computer. With an open-source Unity3D wrapper provided by openni.org, Unity3D received the data of the viewer’s movement sent by a Kinect camera. The virtual character has been modeled and textured in Maya. The flowering tree in the background has been created in Unity3D and physics effects have been added to the falling flower leaves.

Hello World I – Installation

-Video documentation of the installation work “Hello World.” When a viewer approach to a virtual man, He bows to the viewer, which is a polite way of greeting in Korea.

Hello World II – Installation