Hybridizer.org (2009) – Online + Offline Project

Leejin Kim Online + Offline Project
July 4 – 12, 2009
Woosuk Hall, Seoul National University, Seoul, Korea

Project Website: http://hybridizer.org

As a young artist, I have felt doubts about complex art distribution systems and conventional fine art disciplines that pursue “unconventional and free expressions of Artists.” I created an online + offline store/exhibition to enable direct trade between artists and art consumers. I designed a logo of Hybridizer and invited 8 artists (including me) to create their own sub-logos. In the online and offline exhibition, we sold clothes, ornaments, and art works we either created, used, or renewed. I categorized our items to three collections: “Extraction” for items we used, “Hybridization” for items we reconstructed from the vintage items, and “Systemization” for items we made.